About Us

Sagewood Construction has built a solid reputation for well-managed projects and quality craftsmanship found in each detail of our work. Sagewood 2019. Nearly 100% of our business comes from previous clients or colleagues in the design and building industries. Our repeat clients are testimony to the trust and results achieved in every project. Douglas A. F. Strabelli formed Sagewood Construction believing that in the world of high-finish construction, where project budgets routinely run well into the millions of dollars and bidders are numerous, standing out is crucial. For Douglas, what truly distinguishes a firm and establishes it among a city’s most-sought builders is the ability to establish a trusted reputation. And such a reputation can only be won through relationships with influential clients who return again and again to request one’s services. douglas-headshotDouglas makes it the foundation of his business to assure just such relationships with the architects, designers, retailers and luxury homeowners Sagewood serves. Forthrightness is his guiding principle, and he prides himself on his ability to quote all costs up front and bring in his projects at or under budget. Furthermore, he considers no job finished until the client feels absolutely satisfied with the work. To ensure such satisfaction in the shortest possible time frame he routinely gets involved in person at the job site. For the same reason he insists all of Sagewood’s work be performed in-house rather than subcontracted. Nor does he believe that the job is finished once the books are closed. Douglas has been known to check back repeatedly throughout a project’s installed lifetime, ask how Sagewood’s work is performing, and step in to help service and maintain it. The Sagewood formula is simple: Sagewood clients pay for the best, and that is what they must always get—the best product, with the best finish, in the best time frame. The results speak for themselves.
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