“Smart home is increasingly a reality”

janeiro 18, 2021

Sagewood Construction was featured at the article “Smart home is increasingly a reality” represented by its Founder and CEO Douglas Strabeli for the Sunday edition of the newspaper “O Estado de Sao Paulo”, one of the most prestigious and read newspaper in Brazil. In the interview, he talked about home automation in the Sagewood projects, how he sees this trend in the US and how he forecasts this market in 2021.

“We are seing that the effort of home automation manufacturers to seek the simplification of systems so that anyone can easily use this is causing the market to grow so quickly.” Said the Sagewood Construction”s CEO to the newspaper.

Link for the full article (In Portugues): https://economia.estadao.com.br/blogs/radar-imobiliario/casa-inteligente-e-cada-vez-mais-realidade/

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