Sagewood Construction is featured on the South Florida’s premium magazine “Acontece”.

dezembro 29, 2020

Sagewood Construction was featured in an article in the Acontece Magazine, a well-known premium magazine in South Florida. The article talks about Sagewood’ trajectory successfully in the last 20 years in the New York and Florida’s market.

“Sagewood Construction specializes in high-end renovation construction projects. Its rigorous standards, detailed craftsmanship and the highly qualified technical team placed the construction company among one of the most prominent contractors in the residential and commercial luxury segment on the American scene.” Says the article.

“Sagewood develops a personalized way of approaching each project, respecting the latest management methodologies and standards. Our goal is to establish and maintain a close and trusting relationship with our client as well as architects and designers” Said Douglas Strabelli, CEO of Sagewood, to the magazine.

Link for the full article (In Portugues):

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