SAGEWOOD and In Plus Celebrate 18 Years of Partnership at CasaCor Miami

dezembro 3, 2019

When two such great talents meet and combine, it can only result in a lasting partnership that generates amazing works. This is the case of SAGEWOOD with In Plus, by architect Cristiana Mascarenhas. For 18 years, the projects of this Brazilian, who has lived in the USA for 27 years, have been done by us.

In Plus, led by Cristiana, and SAGEWOOD share the same vision and commitment to deliver nothing less than the best to our customers – for that, we are attentive to every detail, every angle of our projects together. These are refined, modern projects, performed with great care.

SAGEWOOD’s Douglas Strabelli and In Plus’s Cristiana Mascarenhas: An 18-Year Talent Gathering

This partnership is celebrated and presented to everyone at CasaCor Miami 2019, which takes place until December 21st. The Scape Space on display at the event is an example of the amazing things we do together: one or two people ‘s space is perfect for resting, playing or exercising – this is just a taste of what we can deliver together inside. a complete project. Our customers pay for the best, and with In Plus that’s what we deliver. The results speak for themselves 18 years ago.

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